We diligently produce web based training modules (WBT) in the form of illustration, storyboarding, conceptualization and content realization. It broadens and makes learning more accessible whether it is in education or business. It helps to unite and train an increasingly global workforce.

We modify your scratch into creative and interactive design maintaining all the line of corporate and customer training.With our flexibility to connect globally and our high-quality LMS, itbecomes easy for learners to grab instructions on any kind of topics, whenever it’s convenient for them – something a classroom and in-office learning can’t compete with.

Our e-learning courses are accessible from desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

There is no threshold for language, we localize our existing modules in multiple languages on client request and give it a complete makeover as per client provided guidelines.


Who benefits from WBT?

  • Learners (topic related instructions)
  • Course instructors (offers easy course authoring tools for quickly creating and updating content)
  • Administrators and Managers (affordable and efficient way to conduct learning and training)